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Betrothed – A Giveaway!



Betrothed – A Giveaway!

You all may have heard me speak about the documentary called Betrothed many times before, which is the incredible, beautiful story of a young couple we personally know and love, Brayden and Talli Waller. Our dear friend Stephanie Brumlow is having a giveaway on her blog Our Wholehearted Family of the follow-up book “Betrothed – A Collection of Love Stories Reflecting an Ancient Faith” which contain beautiful, Elohim guided real love stories from 10 couples, most of whom we know personally! If you are a single person, young or old, or the parent of children you are bringing up in devout faith, this book is a must read! Here is the link for the giveaway below. And if you are not aware, these young people are touring the country in the Love and Purity Tour sharing their stories of divine guidance and the blessing of finding a mate the way Elohim has laid out, so please visit this link for more info on their schedule or to contact them about coming to your congregation or community filled with teens/young adults:


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2 thoughts on “Betrothed – A Giveaway!

  1. They will be in Georgetown, Tx 5/31/14!! We are so excited. I clicked the link above, but it didn’t go anywhere.

    • Hi CJ, not sure why you are having problems, but when I went to the post and clicked the title, it took me to Our Wholehearted Family blog and the giveaway page. Did you click on the title “Betrothed – A Giveaway”?

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