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My Strings Are Tuned For Mourning

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My Strings Are Tuned For Mourning

Too many times believers forget the HaShem-given tune of compassion for others going trough trials that is within their soul because of trials of their own when instead, they should be letting those trials strengthen that melody as they relate in love to the other’s anguish. Even in the midst of his own painful trial, Job was still “in tune” with others who wept and mourned. Despite horrible pain and great loss, he was thinking about the pain of others and never once turned his back on or spoke ill of the One whom he knew was righteous beyond righteousness. In the end he was blessed tremendously for his steadfastness! May we, just like Job, never forget that we are NOT traveling this road alone! There are others who weep and mourn! Holy scripture tells us that ALL things work together for the good of those who love HaShem and are called according to His purpose, and our temporary trials work in us to produce patience, perseverance, and endurance for the journey that still lies ahead!


Author: bethproverbs31

Follower of Torah, biblical truth seeker, wife, mother, licensed nurse, biblical health and raw vegan advocate

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