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There’s a Hole in that Snare!

bush web

This morning as I was coming back into the house after taking my husband to work, I noticed on the bushes to my left was a nice-sized spider web. (see pic above) Now I have been past that same bush many times over the past several days, and I never noticed that web. This morning, however, is a particularly humid morning, and the dew settled on the web and made it visible.  

HaShem, as He always does with me, related a lesson to me through that visible web. 

He told me that we MUST be aware of the hidden snares of the enemy! Just because we cannot always see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. We can walk by them time and time again and not realize that we are only inches away from being caught up in them! It is only when we walk in the light of the Torah that the dew of His discernment can illuminate those hidden snares for us so we can avoid their trap!

And notice the hole at the top in the middle of the web pictured. He also spoke to me of His grace and mercy. If circumstances or temptations don’t allow us to see the snare of the enemy and we get caught up in his trap, He has provided a way of escape! There’s a hole in that snare!

Psalm 124:7-8 We escaped like a bird from the snare of the fowler; the trap is broken, and we have escaped. 8 Our help is in the name of Elohim, the maker of heaven and earth.